SSD PK58 Solution

Buy ssd chemical solution online, Best money cleaning chemical.  This is one of your premium top ssd chemical solution suppliers with a state of the art international standard Chemical laboratory operated by our certified world class Lab experts, We also provide you the unique opportunity to buy fake money that looks and feels real together with liquid mercury for sale at great prices.We are able to offer our services worldwide in retailing and wholesale supply of universal ssd chemicals.


  • SSD World cleaning laboratory Produces a range of chemicals, powders to be used to clean all types of bank notes and also has the CLS Laser cleaning machine to handle worse cases of bank notes.Our products vary from :
    Humine Activation
    SSD Solution
    SSD super Soluiotn
    SSD Super Automatic Solution
    SSD PK58 Solution
    SSD Universal Solution
    SSD Master Solution
    SSD D2 Fuse Solution
    SSD Virus Termi Solution

    With the use of all the above chemicals, our technicians are able to clean black or defaced bank notes of US dollar,Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Kuwaiti Dinar, South African Rand,Egyptian Pound, Japanese Yen, Ghana Cedis, Korean Won, Chinese Renminbi, Thailand Baht, Brazilian Real,Central African Francs and all other local currencies and restore back to original.


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